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1. Heyzen


Porcelain, Ceramic Flower Pot Hole Drilling Bit Set,Diamond Hole Saw Drill Bit for Glass, Ceramic Tile, Marble, 6-14mm & 6-32mm 10Pcs, Ceramics

Heyzen #publicité - Ideal application: this diamond coated core drill bit removes a complete circle from glass, ceramic or other. Reduced drill speeds, low drill pressure and increased use of water lubrication will extend drill bit life considerably.

Super material - these diamond drill bits made of high-speed steel that is durable and have a long service life, which is high quality and good performance that excellent for making clean and accurate hole.
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Sharp&smooth cut - coated with high-quality diamond, the diamond hole saw creates a high precision, smooth cut with no broken edges. On the curved glass bottle, you can easily drill holes in materials such as marble and glass, it can still perform good drilling work without affecting the strength of the glass bottle.

Sprinkle water while drilling, which can be used for both DIY and work. They are perfect for drill glass, blocks jars, tiles, granite, marble, slate Mable, tile bottles, fiberglass porcelain tile ceramic, granite light stone. Satisfied size - 6mm/023", 10mm/039", 18mm/07", 14mm/055", 26mm/1. 02", 8mm/0
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JKHK 35mm Hinge Drilling Jig,Woodworking Tool Set Woodworking Hinge Hole Drilling Punching Locator Drill Bit Kit for Carpenter Woodworking DIY Tools

JKHK #publicité - The concealed hinge jig is suitable for 35mm hinges and also available with 26mm hinges. Wide application: 35mm hinge drilling jig comes with a 35mm fastener bit and depth stop.

This is a set of drill guide tool used for convenient hinge hole drilling. No special tools needed. It has the function to drill the pivot holes for the screws of the hinge which are 46mm, 47mm, 48mm or 52mm distance each other. Function: 35mm hinge drilling jig is made of high-quality engineering plastic, durable to use.
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Simple operation: simple to use with any drill. Make cabinet door installation easy! Easy to use, suitable for home operation, do not need professionals. Holes distance: this punch supports 46-47-48-52 mounting screw holes. Professional woodworking tools:the Concealed Hinge Jig allows you to drill cup holes for concealed cabinet door hinges, and it is durable in use.
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3. Folewr


Folewr #5#6#8#10#12 HSS Countersink Drill Bit Set Hex Shank Drilling Screw Holes Woodworking Carpentry Tool

Folewr #publicité - 3 please vertical drilling the drill bit during the operation. The countersink cutter doesn't clog up, plastic, sheet iron, carbon steel, insulating plate, pvc, so it provides superior speed and clean finish.

Five-edged chamfer design: This design will discharge chips quickly from the hole on both sides. Hex wrench: use the combination of Hex Key to adjust or disassemble the countersink drill bit and the five-flutes chamfering.
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2 insert the countersink bit into the drill. Design: special designed steel counter sleeve countersinks or counter bores hole. Good quality material: good quality material components, durable, wear resistance, high speed steel, high toughness, and good cutting edge retention.

Titanium drill: With titanium nitrate coating for superior cutting power. Shank: comes with 1/4" hex shank, can be used with power drills and quick change chucks. Easy to use: 1 rotate the hex wrench to adjust the length needed. Multifunctional: Perfect for wood, etc.
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4. NiceCore


Wood Drill Bit Reaming Wood Auger Drill Set Wood Hole Opener Kit 10mm 12mm 14mm 16mm 18mm 20mm 22mm 25mm 8PCS Power Tool Accessories

NiceCore #publicité - This reaming wood drill has self-tapping drill tip which can provide an accurate positioning for a variety of soft and hard wood drilling.

The drill head is made of carbon steel, which is quenched at high temperature and has a long service life. The wood auger drill with hex square handle is not easy to slip, suitable for all kinds of electric drill.
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This wood drill set is wear and durable. Our wood hole drill bit will be a great helper for your woodworking tasks, you will feel it is easier with our tools. The wood drill bit adoupts a 4-edge design, allows for faster chip ejection and its full screw tip ensures ease of use and pull through.
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5. RRunzfon


8mm Shank HSS Countersink Drill Bit Set with Stop Collars Woodworking Countersink Bit Hole Puncher Tools 5PCS

RRunzfon #publicité - Woodworking countersink is perfect for drilling holes in alloy steel, wood, nonferrous metal, cast iron and hard plastic. Practical design countersink drill can quickly and accurately drill a smooth hole. 8mm shank screw extractor is suitable for bench drill, hand drill and conventional electric drill.
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Woodworking countersink set comes with 5pcs drill bits set, comes in different size, enough to meet your needs. Countersink drill is made of industry grade premium high speed steel, high hardness, good wear resistance and durability.
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6. hgfds


Multifunctional Triangle Cross Alloy Drill Bit Set, Tile and Concrete Drill Bit Set B, Glass, hgfds Efficient Universal Drilling Tool, Anti-Crack Tile Drilling Tool Set

hgfds #publicité - Suitable for any electric hand drills, stalling, bench drills and so on! Various bit sizesit comes in 2 sets with different drill bit sizes to meet all of your needs. Providing you a smooth, iron and more possibilities! Perfect for a variety of small household or industrial projects to bigger ones. The triangular shanks also provide a secure fitting which prevents the drill bit from slipping out when used.

Providing you a firm grip when they come into contact with the chuck. Compatible for electric hand drills, bench drills and so on. Universal drill bita high-performance drilling bit, ceramic tiles, granite, steady pressure drilling with an accurate finish.
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Cross angle designfeaturing an extremely sharp, cross angle tip that consistently produces precise clean holes. High qualityproducts using high-quality alloy tungsten steel which can resist chipping, or dulling even after countless uses! Designed with triangular shanks that can fit smoothly and securely to any power tool.

It efficiently drills stably at a high speed through hard surfaces without causing the bits and the materials any cracks or damages. Anti-slip hex shanksthe drill bit has a universal hex shank that can fit into all power tools easily for a quick change. Which prevents the drill bit from slipping or wobbling as you use it. Suitable for most materials such as brick, copper, glass, wood, marble, equipped with a pointed tip that can effortlessly drill straight and deep to any surface! It reduces skating and walking.
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6Pcs Spiral Screw Metric Serrated Twist Drill Titanium Coated HSS-4241 Spiral Saw Drill Bit Set,3-8mm Carpenter hacksaw drill bit,hole drilling Wood Metal Plastic Holesaw Tool

OQSM #publicité - High quality:these are made of hss material with titanium coated, drill bits body edge sharp, faster with less effort. Fully ground spiral groove design quickly decreases friction and heat for a faster and cooler drilling performance.

135 degree split point:the 135 ° split point with straight shank prevents walking, the sharp edge makes drilling faster and more effective.
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Good addition to your drill bit collection. Work efficiently:the sharp serrations belt design can continue to drill horizontally after drilling. The round shank is suitable for electric drills and bench drills and is fastened without slipping.

Package included:6 pcs titanium hss drill & saw bit set. 1 3mm, 2# 4mm, #3 5mm, #5 6.5mm, #4 6mm, #6 8mm. Wide application:suitable for pulling groove, multilayer board, MDF, boring or cutting 1mm-2mm of thin wood, thin iron sheet, plastic board, solid wood, aluminum, aluminum alloy.
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8. Jarchii


Jarchii Localisateur de Trous, Pratical Pocket Slant Hole Jig Step Drill Bit Set Dowel Hole Drilling Guide Locator Outil de Travail du Bois pour Le Forage de Trous de Goujo, Localisateur de Trous

Jarchii #publicité - Hole drilling-- taille compacte et poids léger, pratique à transporter. Pocket hole jig-- facile à utiliser et à installer, convient aux joints de planches de bois. Dowel jig-- bon assistant pour le travail du bois, facile à utiliser.
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Pocket hole-- double effet combiné, ce guide de perçage peut être utilisé pour percer des trous de cheville et des trous inclinés. Jig dowel-- fabriqué en matériau de haute qualité, résistant à l'usure, durable et fiable.
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Ss shovan 3PCS HSS Step Drill Bits Set Foret en acier à grande vitesse Cone Cutter, 4-12mm, 4-20mm and 4-32 mm Cone Drill Bits Hole Cutter pour bois en acier inoxydable tôle

SS SHOVAN #publicité - La conception à deux cannelures permet un forage plus rapide et plus lisse. Cet ensemble de forets pagoda contient 3 tailles: 4-12mm, 4-20mm et 4-32 mm, Livré avec un sac en tissu portable. Fourni avec une faible pression et les ensembles peuvent couper à travers le bois, la tôle, l'acier et d'autres surfaces.

Forets en acier haute vitesse titane et application: acier haute vitesse classique avec revêtement en titane pour une capacité et une durabilité éprouvées dans le perçage de trous dans le plastique, l'aluminium, le cuivre, l'acier inoxydable et de nombreux autres types de tôles.
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Assemblage rapide: queue hexagonale de 6, 35 mm 1/4 " avec la plupart des forets ou forets avec mandrin 1/4".

Peu importe les problèmes que vous avez, s'il vous plaît contacter avec notre équipe aftersale dans la première fois. Garantie de qualité: nous fournissons une garantie de qualité de 6 mois. Vitesse et précision. Et pièces d'aluminium / morceaux de fer de fonte / acier de ressort / acier de moule / fer et d'autres matériaux en métal.
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10. Hemobllo


Hemobllo 10pcs Forstner Drill Bits Set Woodworking Hole Saw Hex Shank Drill Bit Wood Cutter Auger Opener Drill for Drilling Cutting Tool 30MM

Hemobllo #publicité - The hole is neat, no broken edges, smooth, no tremor phenomenon. Can be used for a variety of wood, plastics, wood products, plywood and other materials. Suitable for electric drill with a chuck of 10MM or more, high power electric grinder, pneumatic drill, bench drill, magnet drill, pistol drill.
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Forstner drill bits set woodworking hole Saw Hex Shank Drill Bit Wood Cutter Auger Opener Drill for Drilling Cutting Tool. Made with advanced technology, high quality materials, sturdy and durable.
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